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Why are the bigger vehicles often at fault for motorcycle crashes?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Some people in Texas have motorcycles as secondary, recreational vehicles. They drive a truck or car to work all week and then go for cruises on the weekend. Others rely on their motorcycle as their primary form of transportation.

Whichever category you fall into, you probably do your best to stay safe out on the roads. Unfortunately, many of the crashes that leave motorcycle riders severely injured can be the fault of someone in a bigger, enclosed vehicle. No matter how safe you are, you can’t control the behavior of other drivers. You can only respond to it to proactively protect yourself.

Why do people in larger vehicles often cause collisions with motorcycles?

Drivers don’t actively look for motorcycles

The sad truth is that many motorcycle crashes are due to negligence surveillance by drivers. They glance around their vehicle quickly and don’t expend any actual mental effort to examine the road nearby.

A driver could potentially look right at a motorcycle and never notice it, leading to them causing a crash with devastating consequences. The only way for a driver to consistently notice motorcycles in traffic is to specifically look for them.

Motorcyclists can protect themselves from these collisions in several ways. They can seek to draw more attention to themselves by investing in visibility gear. They can wear other protective gear to reduce the severity of their injuries if a crash does occur. Finally, they can learn more about defensive driving so that they aren’t caught off guard when someone fails to notice them in traffic.

Learning more about what causes motorcycle crashes could help you avoid getting into one on your bike.