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How crash injuries might affect your finances or family

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are numerous direct costs that you will have to cover after a car crash. These expenses include vehicle repair, medical bills and income you don’t generate because of your injury. All of those issues can affect your finances and your entire family. 

However, there is a secondary issue that can either strain your family circumstances or cause financial hardship. An injury from a car crash may prevent you from contributing to your household in the form of housework and maintenance. 

How will that affect your finances or your family? 

Outsourcing housework is expensive

Whether you can’t take care of your baby because of two broken legs or you can’t cook because you broke your arm, you may need to hire someone temporarily to cover your typical household contributions. 

You can use an online calculator to determine what the average cost of those services might be. You will need to factor those expenses in when evaluating a settlement offer from insurance or putting a price on a personal injury claim. 

Your family will have to pick up the slack

If you don’t have the resources to hire someone else to do those jobs, then your loved ones will have to do the work in your stead. Combined with the care and support you need because of your injuries and the stress of repairing or replacing a vehicle, those additional responsibilities might be a little too much. 

When you understand the secondary consequences of a car crash, you will have an easier time advocating for yourself and your family in the civil courts or while negotiating with an insurance adjuster. Having a realistic understanding of the impact of a car crash can lead to a more favorable resolution to any resulting claim you must make.