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3 Reasons You Should Avoid Wearing a Mask While Driving Alone

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

COVID-19 has presented many challenges for our society in the last several months. One of these challenges is knowing when it’s appropriate to wear a face mask in order to slow the spread of the pandemic.

If you’ve been driving around by yourself with your face mask on, you’re not alone. This has become a common practice since the novel coronavirus inception.

But is it really wise to do this? Keep reading to learn the answer.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear a Mask While Driving

#1 – It can easily obstruct your view.

The last thing you want is for your mask to move around while you’re driving and obstruct your view of the road. Not all masks are created equal, and not all masks fit every face properly. It’s for these reasons that people are constantly fiddling with their masks to ensure a comfortable and effective fit.

#2 – It can cause a distraction.

If you turn your head to look in your blind spot before changing lanes, it’s possible for your mask to move around on your face. To that point, face masks are often uncomfortable and can pull on your facial hairs. Issues with your mask can cause distractions, which can lead to accidents.

#3 – It can fog up your glasses.

Even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, many people wear sunglasses while driving. It’s common for people to have improperly fitted masks or masks with no adjustable nose bridge, which can cause your breath to rise through the only opening, which can fog up your glasses. Such a visual distraction is not only bothersome, it can also cause a serious accident.

Wear a Mask When it’s Appropriate

While it is very important to wear a mask when you’re in a public setting, if you’re driving alone or with people in your household, it’s not necessary to wear a mask in the car. After all, the leading reason for wearing a mask is to protect yourself and those around you from the transmission of COVID-19, which isn’t possible if you’re alone in your car or with members of your own home. Wearing a mask while driving isn’t necessary and can actually be more harmful than it is good.

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