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Tips for Driving Alongside Trucks in the Snow

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you’ve ever had to operate a vehicle in the snow, you know how tricky it can be to navigate icy roads. While there are certain ways you can maximize your safety while driving in the snow, there are also certain tips you should keep in mind when you are traveling in the snow with large trucks around.

Read on to learn how to keep yourself safe when driving around trucks on the snowy roads this winter.

What To Do When Driving Near Trucks in the Snow

  • Drive slow. Whether snow is on the ground or not, most of the accidents that occur are due to some form of speeding. Posted speed limits are often far too fast for icy and snowy road conditions. It’s a good idea to drive significantly slower in the snow than you would under normal driving conditions. Don’t worry about being late. It’s better to arrive at your destination late than not at all. Don’t forget: speed kills.
  • Maintain a buffer zone around your vehicle. Be sure to leave plenty of distance around your vehicle: ahead of you, behind you, and on all sides. A good general rule for optimal driving conditions is to leave one car length’s distance ahead of your car for every 10 miles per hour (mph) of speed you are traveling. For example, if you are going 60 mph, you should leave 6 car lengths between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Take that figure and double it for snowy driving conditions. For instance, if you are traveling at a rate of 30 mph, you should leave 6 car lengths (or more) between your car and the one ahead of you.
  • Don’t travel in packs. Traffic tends to travel in “packs” on highways. Find a way to safely remove yourself from a pack so that you have plenty of distance between your car and those traveling alongside you.
  • Don’t follow tail lights ahead of you. When visibility is low due to heavy snowfall or fog, you should not be able to see the taillights of the car driving ahead of you. If you can see their taillights, you’re following too closely.

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