Why the Insurance Company May Lie After a Car Accident

There are a lot of obstacles that you may encounter after being involved in a car accident. They’re difficult to endure—especially when you consider having to already deal with the physical, emotional, and financial difficulties associated with injuries and property damage.

One of the more difficult things to deal with is the insurance company. After all, when your injuries are caused by negligence, you’ll be dealing with the responsible party’s insurance provider and they have no loyalty to you and your needs.

Instead, even if they know that their policyholder is responsible for the injuries, they do whatever they can to protect their own interests. Knowing the reasons that an insurance company may lie after a car accident can help you be prepared to move forward without having to worry about the defendant’s often unscrupulous tactics.

They Want to Avoid Public Scrutiny

Car accident claims can be long and arduous, especially when it goes to trial. However, when it does go to trial, it can also bring a public spotlight onto the insurance company’s attempt to protect their policyholder despite recognizing the negligence involved.

When the public gets wind of how the insurance company acts, it can create negative attention and potentially cost the insurance company business. To prevent this, there are certain lies that the insurance company may claim.

For instance, they may try to say that you were the one who was in fact liable in the accident and that your injuries were not serious enough to warrant compensation. Or they’ll claim that your injury was pre-existing. If they can try to turn the fault in the accident onto you, they will do so to save face in the case.

Insurance Companies are All About Profits

As with many big companies, the insurance providers are focused on their overall profits and own bottom line. They want to be able to make as much money as possible without paying out too much in terms of compensation following a claim.

Because of this, they try to lie about what happened in the accident, about who is at fault, and about what coverage is available to individuals. They may even try to make claims regarding the paperwork submitted and claiming there are inaccuracies.

All this is done in an effort to pay out as little as possible. So, when the insurance company claims to protect people involved in the accident, it’s not always the case. They are more concerned with their profits and how they can keep from paying out.

Taking Legal Action to Hold Them Accountable

With a legal advocate on your side, you can hold the liable party and his or her insurance company accountable for their actions. It also protects you from the many lies and tactics these insurance companies will try to utilize to violate your rights.

Our team at Templeton Smithee Hayes Heinrich & Russell, LLP work hard to protect you from insurance companies that are not looking out for your best interests. We go the extra mile to pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

When you encounter a legal battle with an insurance company, our car accident attorneys are ready to stand by your side. We proudly represent clients throughout the Texas panhandle and in eastern New Mexico. No matter the insurance company, we’re ready to go to bat for you.

Call our firm today at (806) 397-0300 and speak with our legal team about what rights you may have. If the insurance company is attempting to get a recorded statement or claim they are not liable, we’re here to help.


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