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Can I Afford to Hire a Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Catastrophic Injuries |

After someone sustains a serious injury due to negligence, the person harmed is often left feeling uneasy because of the potential medical expenses associated with the pain. They’re left with uncertainty regarding how to pay for medical bills when they’re unable to work due to the injuries they’ve sustained.

This often prompts the thought of a lawsuit, but some of those who have been harmed fail to take action simply because they don’t know if they can afford the legal representation. However, individuals should know it is possible. Here’s why.

How Is It Possible to Hire a Lawyer When Dealing with Medical Expenses?

When you think about a lawyer, most people recognize the need for representation. However, they don’t always understand the ways in which they can afford it. After all, the financial hardships can be overwhelming.

One important thing to note is that across the world of personal injury law, it’s most often a situation in which representation is done on a contingency fee basis. Not everyone knows what this means for them and how it is so helpful to the plaintiff who has suffered an injury.

Contingency fees mean that the plaintiff can obtain legal counsel without concern of out-of-pocket payments. They can receive a free consultation in which they talk about their situation and the lawyer decides whether or not the injured person has a case.

Then, should the lawyer decide to handle the case, they don’t charge fees until and unless they are able to successfully represent the injured party. This means that if the case is not successful, the plaintiff does not have to pay the lawyer for the representation they received.

If the case is successful, the lawyer’s fees will come out of the amount they receive from the defendant, usually at a percentage of the total amount that the plaintiff and lawyer agree upon ahead of the contract for services being signed.

At Templeton Smithee Hayes Heinrich & Russell, LLP, we believe that the only real question is whether you afford to not hire a lawyer. Without legal representation, you run the risk of losing out on the opportunity to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Our personal injury lawyers work hard to represent you at a time when you need it most. Trust that we’re here to guide you throughout the entire process, focusing on your best interests, and pursuing the most favorable outcome possible.

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